Checkered Flag Strip

Race car

I purchased this car in October 2001, from a local BMW CCA Club Racer. The car was campaigned in K-Stock, then K-Prepared just prior to my purchasing it. It has since been re-classified into J-Prepared, which is where it is primarily raced. I've also raced it in the now-defunct North American Bavarian Racing (NABR) - A5 class.

Some of the basic info on the car:

While I try to do most of the maintenance work on the car myself, I still need the help of experts, particularly Bill Arnold BMW Repair in San Rafael, CA and Bavarian Motorsport in Milpitas, CA for mechanical work I can't handle and TC Design in Campbell, CA for suspension and fabrication work.

Follow the links to the left for some race pictures, video clips, and "other" pictures - it hasn't been all "fun and games".