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Here are some other pictures related to the race car - some of them are not pretty. Click on a thumbnail (if available) for a larger version.

This is what happens when you down-shift from 4th gear to 1st. It happened on my third lap ever on a track in the 325is, at Laguna Seca going into Turn 5. Those are all 12 exhaust valves.

On the positive side, it was an opportunity to upgrade the cams as allowed in Prepared-class rules.


Checkered Flag Strip

Next came the infamous "oil pump nut" issue. I fell victim to this at a race in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, due seating arrangement in the car, I did not see the low oil pressure warning light on the dash, so I didn't know there was a problem until the really bad noises started coming from the motor. Here's just a sampling of the result.

Bearings RodBurned

The car is now equipped with gauges, as well as a warning light that I can actually see:

Gauges and light

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Along came another Las Vegas race, and you guessed it, another problem. This time a single valve lifter. Got a lot of "I've never seen that before" from a few mechanics that looked at it. Since the lifters were not changed post-overrev, best guess is possible metal fatigue led to this failure. In any event, all lifters were subsequently replaced.

Broken Lifter

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Taking the front struts out of the car to get them rebuilt, I uncovered these beneath the strut brace mounts:

Front Tower 1 Front Tower 2

They were expertly repaired by TC Design.

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We had some flooding at the house at the end of 2005, and since the car is parked on the street in front of the house it took in some water. Took 3 days for the exhaust system to drain or dry out enough for the car to start, but it did. Had to replace the throw out bearing and A/C compressor clutch due to grit/dirt, plus the windshield wiper module (which, instead of being behind the glove box like later E36s was behind the dead pedal).

Driver Side
Driver side
Pass Side
Passenger side
Back Seat
Back seat area
Checkered Flag Strip

When my Dad passed away in May 2005, I wanted to do something to remember him. Taking a cue from some pro teams, and since the four Las Vegas driving events I attended (two schools, two races) were as much to visit him as to drive, I came up with the idea of making a decal. I scanned his signature from his passport and isolated his initials. With the help of my friend Brad Barber I was able to get the decal you see below made.


Checkered Flag Strip

Apparently, about 127,000 miles was all the transmission could handle. This happened at a GGC driving school at Sears Point. I was able to get the car back to the paddock, but no further. Luckily, one of my mechanics is in San Rafael, about 20 miles from the track.

Trans2 Trans3

My mechanic was "nice" enough to retrieve the broken teeth and create a memento for me. It's attached to the side of my tool box at home.

Trans Teeth

Checkered Flag Strip

While I've broken a front swaybar bracket before, this was quite more involved. This happened at the beginning of a 3-day track weekend at Thunderhill. The car was still driveable, just understeered a bit more than usual with only half a front swaybar - I kept the rest of the swaybar connected. Again, another expert repair was performed by TC Design, with a new mount supplied by my friend JonathanL.

Broken Mount

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