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///M3 Engine

This is my current BMW, a 1998 M3 Sedan. I purchased it new in September 1998, using Steve Diamond at Eurobuyers to locate the car (the sedans had stopped production in May 1998).

It came equipped from the factory with:

I've added the following:

///M strip

I did a lot of autocrossing and drivers schools in this car up until late-2001, and it continues to be my daily driver.

This is my favorite picture - yes, that's snow on the hills around Laguna Seca.
PDC Racing day at Laguna Seca - February 2001
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The first track school for the M3 - Sears Point October 1998
Sears Point

Entering the Corkscrew - Laguna Seca January 2000
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Here's a couple from the Competition Racing School - Laguna Seca May 2000
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© Head On Photos

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Here are a couple autocrossing pictures

BMW CCA GGC Y2K Event #1 - April 16, 2000 - Oakland Coliseum - Oakland, CA

BMW CCA GGC Top Driver Shootout - November 11, 2000 - Marina Airfield - Marina, CA
My final autocross

///M strip

It hasn't all been "fun and games" - here's what happens when in improperly-secured rear brake caliper comes loose at freeway speeds:

Ugly Wheel

Other than the wheel, and a severed brake line, no other damage. Luckily I was traveling in a straight line on the freeway when it happened, and was able to safely get to the center divider.

///M strip